Forage Frolics provides simple and basic courses in the realms of foraging in order to stimulate your awareness upon wild foods, and how beneficial they can be in contributing a healthy addition to your diet. Join Richard in a relaxing stroll through nature; become one with your surroundings and re-learn the connection we once had with the wild.

Richard aims to provide a unique and enjoyable course tailored to the individual. In smaller group numbers (5 or below), he hopes to help participants to confidently identify at least two to three plants during the session, while introducing them to many others. This highly interactive approach is intended to ensure that each member can confidently identify a number of wild edibles by the end of the session instead of simply browsing through, learning names while following a guide. Larger group numbers can be accommodated (at a maximum of 16), with some sacrifice on the ability to tailor towards each individual.

Richard hopes that this alternate approach will aid in retaining essential knowledge in order to successfully forage each identified plant. Despite this, he would like to note that it is still essential that each participant continues to research after the session and not rely solely on his teachings. Foraging can be a dangerous activity if the wrong plant is identified, and therefore each person must be 110% sure of their choice before harvesting any wild edible.  Furthermore, while amidst the wild, try to tune into that long forgotten silent voice, your instinct; by listening to which, one can learn far more than any knowledgeable source can impart.

Richard believes that finding your roots with nature is a highly engaging practice, and through foraging one can become surprisingly aware of everything around them they would once dismiss. He follows a primal ideal, where he dismisses as much additives and highly processed foods as possible, and endeavours to thrive on locally sourced (usually hunted by himself) wild animal products, foraged plants and raw goat milk which is highly nutritious unprocessed goodness! As a result, Richard encourages any individual seeking foraged foods to reverse those ‘tamed’ taste buds and enjoy the pure and natural flavours of freshly harvested plants. Through your individual creativity in the kitchen, you can discover your own unique recipes using the knowledge you gain.

Sessions will be aimed towards gaining confidence in identifying certain edibles, where the focus will be on such instead of the many facts and history of the plants. If you would like to learn intricate details, then the internet is a marvellous place for this. Forage Frolics is here to provide you with a practical, hands-on approach to aid you in your endeavours to become self-sufficient living off nature’s pantry; once you have a name, a tangible understanding of a plant’s identity, then all else can be sourced by the avid enthusiast with little effort and time.


Forage Frolics provides courses perfect for:

  •  Any individual wishing to gain knowledge of edible wild foods in a straight-to-the-point tailored session.
  •  Scouts, schools and other youth organisations who would like their students to experience nature and learn something a little different to traditional education.
  •  Day excursions where you are looking for something enjoyable to do while admiring the    outdoors.
  •  Any individual who is interested in retracing their roots with nature. Foraging is a great way to become one with your surroundings, experience nature and retune with your instincts.

Below are various other relevant notes:

  • Forage Frolics is based in Northampton where Richard has some property to guide you in a walk, however as foraging is not limited to location, he is willing to travel providing you have permission to forage on the land you intend, and travel costs are covered in addition to session fees (depending on distance). Please note however, that as it would be a location unfamiliar to Richard, he cannot guarantee that there will be foods suitable for foraging.
  • Forage Frolics are open to book all year round, subject to availability. Please note that during winter months, there may be fewer foods to forage and identify, so it is the choice of the individual/group if he/she/they wish to book a session during such months.
  • Tailored sessions to the individual/small group, where notes will be taken for future reference. This enables Richard to recall what specific plants he focused on in previous sessions, and can use such information as a refresher and to build upon in further sessions. This means you would not have to go over the same material, and learn only what you need to know.
  • Due to the nature of this activity, declaration forms MUST be read and signed by each participant prior to the session. Any participants under the age of eighteen must have their forms countersigned by a parent or guardian.
  • Forage Frolics currently excludes fungi as a part of their courses. Due to the high risk of poisoning that can easily lead to death from wrongly identified species, it is Richard’s view that such foods are high risk and therefore should only be considered by the expert who can 200% identify the fungi. This does not prevent Forage Frolics from mentioning any species of fungi that are easily identifiable with no poisonous lookalikes, but courses will not be centred on this food.

Please contact Richard on the form to the right of this page, or by phone to arrange a booking.

Please note:  Richard recommends hour sessions for smaller group numbers, but for larger groups two hours may be required due to a larger audience to instruct. For a relaxed session with plenty of time to explore and forage, Richard recommends two hour sessions for every group size.

Please ensure you complete the 'declaration' form using this link before the day.

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